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FBI ALERT! The Hunt for Andrei Radulescu

Utah Nomadic Psychopath – Predator – Kidnaper of Women

FBI, CIA Alert, Predator Andrei Radulescu
FBI, CIA Alert, Andrei Radulescu Kidnaper of Women
FBI, CIA Alert, Mass Shooters and Mass Murderer Ted Bundy
Andrei Radulescu
Andrei Radulescu
FBI, CIA Alert, Criminal Alert Andrei Radulescu
FBI, CIA Alert, Is the Pyschopath Andrei Radulescu the next Ted Bundy?
FBI, CIA Alert, The Hunt for Andrei Radulescu

On November 2018 the FBI, CIA, Homeland Security and the Canadian Mounted Police Were Informed Regarding His Most Recent Crimes

Kidnapping of a Female, Deprivation of Liberty, Causing Fear and Alarm, Threating Physical Assault and Intention to
Cause Grievous Bodily Harm

Andrei Radulescu’s Future Planned Fantasies Include:

  • Executing a Mass Murder Shooting Spree, somewhere in America, due to his ‘Reverent Admiration’ of those who are committing these crimes. He is known to have occasional possession of a firearm which is borrowed from a ‘Friend’
  • Committing Mass Murder by Driving head-long into oncoming vehicals when innocent Passengers are on-board.
  • Andrei Radulescu is a Reverent Fan of Mass Murderer ‘Ted Bundy’. Some of his victims were from Utah, (at least 8 women), where Andrei Radulescu presently resides when not on his ‘nomadic’ road trips, luring women to extreme remote locations and holding them captive against there will.
  • As over 300,000 females go missing in the U.S. every year, has the Psychopath Andrei Radulescu executed crimes such as Ted Bundy? If Not Yet, Will He Be a Copy-Cat Killer of His Hero?
  • There is no doubt in my mind that not only is he capable of harming more innocent women due to his reckless and evil behaviour, he is also capable of Mass Murder via shooting spree as he suffers from Severe Depression, is a ‘Loner’, ‘Hates People’, has a ‘Nomadic Lifestyle’, has a ‘Death Wish’ Suicidal Tendances as well as being a fan of ‘Ted Bundy’.
  • It does Not take a psychologist to know these are a few of the prerequisites necessary to kill countless of innocent people.

One of his Last known addresses: 1497 E. Mulberry Way. Sandy UT84093 U.S.

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The Present Location, Past Criminal Information and Psychological Profile of Andrei Radulescu

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